Legislation is an excellent benefit of being a member of your local PHCC.  Our Executive Director, Mike Ervin, lobbies for what is best for out industry.  By being a member, you are able to have your voice heard at the capitol.





Current Legislation as of April 23, 2013


HB 1023 Provide a few more details of the changes: In a section detailing reasons an employee could quit and still get unemployment benefits:

It Changes This:            unfair treatment of the employee or the creating of unusually difficult working conditions by the employer.

To This: Substantially unfair treatment of the employee or the creating of substantially difficult working conditions by the employer

It also has some minor procedural adjustments as to who is notified by whom, change in the style of the notice etc. The main question about this bill is will it conform to the Federal rules that govern most of the Unemployment Insurance program? We are watching to see if anything else gets stuck in there in the last minute.


HB 1081 What are the changes in the contract language?This is the operative language: When the unit price change exceeds Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000.00), any unit price for a new item established at, or below the average eighteen-month-price history for the new item may be used in lieu of cost itemization as required in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of subsection H of this section. The old threshold was $10,000. It is now raised to $20,000.


HB 1686 Define Changes: The CIB is set to sunset or end July 1, 2013. This bill would extend that sunset date to July 1, 2016.


SB 519 Did notification timing get worked out? (Before or after the Bid): We have the bill in Conference. Which means it will stay there until and unless we get agreement on the language. The GC’s don’t want to be the cops. We are still trying to come up with a time and method of reporting. The time will not be on bid day. It is far too chaotic and too great of a chance an honest mistake could be made by some good contractors. It may be “upon contract signing” or “before commencing work”. Then who checks the information? How long do they have to respond? What is the penalty? And other questions must be answered as well.


SB 1022 Any new political control or new rules that are adverse? A contractor from Colorado was fined by the CIB for unlicensed workers on a Natural gas compressor station. They have hired a lobbyist and want either exempted from licensure or put in with the refinery process piping endorsement. The CIB is working with them to determine what is best. If an agreement is reached, SB1022 would be the vehicle used to implement it.

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